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So, why open a sports shop?

So, why open a sports shop?It’s a question I’ve asked myself repeatedly over the last two months with so many hurdles to overcome before I could even open!

Put simply, I believe a town the size of Melton should have one and if no-one else was in a position to start one up then I should take up the challenge. I’ve always admired the resilience and positivity of the town’s independent retailers, too.

In a previous life I’d had the privilege of being involved in the Melton Times Sports Awards for the best part of a decade and each year I was inspired by the finalists’ stories – we certainly punch above our weight.

We have so many gifted sportsmen and sportswoman and stars of the future in our midst supported by fantastic grassroots clubs and dedicated coaches.

And yet, if you want any sports kit or equipment, even kids’ trainers or football boots, you have to get in your car and travel out of the borough – a waste of your petrol and time – or take your chances online.

As a 40-something and a parent – my son thinks Minecraft is a sport – I’m also concerned about the long-term health problems we are storing up. We all need to get more active.

But doing so should be fun. If you find something you enjoy you’ll do it more and do it better.

And I hope that’s where Melton Sports comes in. Sport is, after all, for all – ‘for beginners to winners’.

Come and see us and tell us what you think – we’re all ears – or email

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