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How to start running

Running is for everyone, but if you haven’t really run before how do you get started?

The key is to build up your fitness gradually . . . and you start by walking.
Walk for a time that feels comfortable and once you can walk for 30 minutes easily, add one to two minute running sessions.

As you progress run more and walk less until you can run for 30 minutes without stopping. Doing this with a friend does help and remember to stretch beforehand and warm down afterwards to prevent too many aches and pains.

Running is an inexpensive way to get fit and enjoy a new sport. I started 35 years ago and I’m still going strong, though not nearly as fast!

You don’t need much in the way of kit to get going but a good pair of running shoes is advised, though, as they are designed to support your foot and absorb the shock that travels up your legs. Break them in over a series of shorter runs and invest in some running socks. They help to evaporate moisture away from your skin to prevent blisters.

In summer it’s important to hydrate your body adequately 30 to 45 minutes before running. It’s advisable to drink 6-8oz of water every 20 minutes while you run, so take a small hand-held bottle with you or wear a hydration belt which will also have a pocket for your car or house key. After running drink more water than necessary to speed up recovery.

When it’s really warm you’ll need to acclimatise to the heat. You can cut your mileage for a while or make a point of going out in the morning or late evening. Use sunscreen, too, you want to burn up the miles and the calories, not your skin.

Stilton Striders have a beginners’ running group and a programme of summer outruns from village pubs around Melton for more regular runners. You’ll find plenty of encouragement and entering a race or two will give added motivation to your training. For more visit or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

New Ron Hill and Precision running kit
Melton Sports stocks New Balance and Saucony running shoes with Ron Hill, Hilly and Precison clothing and accessories with more brands to come. We’re here to help so see you soon.

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