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Common injuries and how to prevent them

October 17 2014

Many of the sports we love are of a repetitive high impact nature so injuries are all too common. So we can continue to enjoy our sport it’s important to remember that it is easier to prevent injury than to treat it . Here, therefore, are some tips to keep you fit as well as...

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The best sports books of 2014

October 2 2014

Christmas is coming so what better gift for your sports mad nearest and dearest than a top sports book? This year I really enjoyed reading The Climb by Chris Froome, winner of the 100th Tour De France, and Running My Life by Seb Coe, one of my all-time sporting heroes. But which other 2014 sports...

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2021 will deliver a feast of sport . . . eventually

You might want to see a trailer before buying a 2021 calendar but as...

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