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How to enjoy music on the move safely

Lots of people like to listen to music or even take a call when running, cycling or enjoying the great outdoors, but how can you do it safely?

The answer is to use bone conduction headphones which allow you to tune in without tuning out the world around you.

As there is nothing in or covering your ears you’ll be aware of ambient sounds – everything from a rustle in the hedgerow to an approaching vehicle – allowing you to enjoy your surroundings while staying safe at the same time.

AfterShokz SportzAftershokz Bluez-2

As a responsible retailer we didn’t want to sell any in ear devices which affect how alert you are so Melton Sports is stocking Aftershokz headphones. Its catchphrase is ‘Be open, hear it all’.

The headphones are lightweight and comfortable and bypass the eardrums completely. A set of bone conduction transducers rest in front of the ears and transmit sound through the cheekbones to the inner ears via mini vibrations.

Breakthroughs in technology mean there is precious little sound leakage and the headphones are sweat and moisture resistant, too.

I’ve never run with music but thought, in the name of research, I should give it a go and now I’m a convert. They are comfortable, safe and easy to use and help give you that extra motivation to push harder or run longer.

And Aftershokz are now accepted by many major races across the UK, helping you achieve that PB you’ve been training so hard for.

aftershokz sportz 2AfterShokz_Bluez_2 box

There are three Aftershokz headphones in the range and they all come with a two-year warranty:-

Sportz 3 – for music and other audio with a 12-hour battery life RRP £49.99

Sportz M3 – with microphone for voice communication and 12 hours of music and calls RRP £69.99

Bluez 2 – featuring reliable Bluetooth connectivity with six hours of music and calls plus enhanced sound quality and voice prompts RRP £89.99

We also have a limited number of Aftershokz running belts available at half price – that’s just £7.50 – with each pair of Aftershokz headphones sold.

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