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Behind the scenes at Gunn & Moore

As a keen cricketer and England cricket supporter I jumped at the chance to visit Gunn & Moore in Nottingham during my university placement at Melton Sports, writes Toby Heaver.

Every year it offers sports retailers the chance to attend one of its ‘five star training days’ which involves learning a little about the history of Gunn & Moore and a tour around the factory to discover the process of bat making, the different grades of willow, bat types and so on.

There is also the opportunity to gain a brief overview of its new season batting pads, gloves and helmets, clothing, footwear and bags.

EPCC winter nets 2

Melton Sports and Gunn & Moore visiting Egerton Park CC winter nets

My first impression of Gunn & Moore was a positive one, not because of the bacon roll and coffee on arrival, but based on how enthusiastic its staff were.

The heritage of Gunn & Moore was fascinating. I was surprised at how far back the company went and to see some of the old bats and how they were modelled and created was brilliant.

The tour around the factory to see the process of bat making at Gunn & Moore brought the story right up to date. The amount of time, precision and skill which goes into the making of each bat was great to see. It makes you further appreciate the beauty of a cricket bat.

The tough part of the day was when we were put to the test and asked to name the different grades of wood and bat types. The pictures below shows the different bat families Gunn & Moore offers. The Mogul, for instance, is available in different grades of English willow. These range from 303, 404, 606, 707 and 808 to 909, Original and Original Limited Edition.

gunn and moore 4gunn & moore octanegunn & moore mogul

Gunn & Moore has a recommended bat size guide it uses when somebody is looking for a new blade. This is shown below. It is a very basic guide however as there are more things involved when choosing a bat. The pick-up of the bat is important, too. Gunn & Moore’s index ranges from 1 being a light pick-up to 5 being a heavy pick-up. The pick-up can determine the weight of the bat.

Gunn & Moore Bat Sizes

Overall, my day at Gunn & Moore was a very enjoyable one and I would recommend anybody who gets the chance to visit to do so. I learnt a lot and will use that knowledge in the future.

If you are interested in buying a Gunn & Moore bat then try its bat selector test at It has been designed in association with the Centre for Sports Engineering Research at my university, Sheffield Hallam University, to help you make a more informed choice. And for a guide to caring for your bat visit

You can order your bat through Melton Sports and, if you’re a local cricket club member, can claim a 10% discount off the price.

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