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Keeping your relationship fit and healthy

You may be looking forward to a new season of sport but what if your partner isn’t?

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in your training, game or charity challenge but become too immersed and those closest to you can feel alienated and shut out.

Relationships and sport have many similarities and both require passion and effort, so what can you do to keep yours on track and ensure it doesn’t hit the buffers?

Here are a few ideas – you’ll know what will work for you and yours. It’s all about creating shared goals so that you retain a focus on your life together.

* Have a monthly date night without your mobiles

* Express your deep gratitude for the support your partner is giving you

* Limit your time on social media. Facebook groups and blogs may help motivate and encourage you but too much and you’ll be thinking of or talking about little else

* Encourage your partner to make time for socialising or a hobby of their own

* Plan a treat such as a weekend away at the end of the season or after the big day in your sporting calendar

* Alternatively, pack your passport. Create a bonus holiday around your event. If you’re a runner enter a race somewhere warm and sunny; if you follow Tigers or City why not see them play in Europe?

* Is there a sport or activity you would do together? It can energise you both but be prepared to compromise and try something new. Being out in the fresh air is great and things like cycling and hiking mean you can talk, too. If you can’t curb your competitiveness and play nicely, go for something that requires you to work together such as dancing, yoga or Pilates

* Alternatively, encourage your partner to volunteer in your sport. As the saying goes ‘if you can’t beat them, join them!’

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