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Get outside and take a hike

October 23 2020

As we mix and socialise less we’re likely to spend more time indoors but that’s not great for our physical or mental health. A great way to counter this is to get outside and take a hike as a family or with friends. It’s easy to socially distance and abide by the Rule of Six...

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Keeping your relationship fit and healthy

May 9 2019

You may be looking forward to a new season of sport but what if your partner isn’t? It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in your training, game or charity challenge but become too immersed and those closest to you can feel alienated and shut out. Relationships and sport have many similarities and both...

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2021 will deliver a feast of sport . . . eventually

You might want to see a trailer before buying a 2021 calendar but as...

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