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A to Z of Melton Sports

Just for a bit of fun, here is our A to Z about your local independent sport shop!

A is for Asics, Adidas and ab wheels. The latter looks like an instrument of torture but will give you a six-pack

B is for burpee (picture) and, yes, I had to look that one up

Burpee. JPEG

C is for Canterbury and England Rugby #carrythemhome

D is for dedication. We provide the kit, you just add the blood, sweat and tears

E is for email (click on our `contact` page) and our special in-store events

F is for foam rollers – every pair of trainers should come with one – Fitness Mad and Facebook


G is for Gunn & Moore cricket, gait analysis and GU energy gels to help you go further and faster

H is for Harrows Darts – Made in England – and Head tennis

I is for you the individual, your goals and your achievements. Remember this saying – a 12-minute mile is just as far as a six minute mile!

J is for the journey – it’s all about finding something you enjoy doing because then you will keep doing it

K is for Kooga (Made for Rugby), Karakal rackets and grips and Kookaburra cricket and hockey

L is for Leicester Tigers, kings of the game

tigers new

M is for motivation and Melton Sports!

N is for New Balance, our newsletter (sign up and get a 20% off voucher on your birthday) and for netball shoes (because you need to protect your ankles)

O is for open ear headphones so you can enjoy music on the move safely. Ask us about Aftershokz and have a demo

P is for personal best – we will help get you there – and Precision, your sporting essentials brand

pbsmall. jpeg

Q is for a quality local service

R is for Ron Hill, the UK’s leading running brand

S is for Speedo, Skechers and Science in Sport, the sale rail and the latest scores!

T is for teamwear, trail running and Twitter

U is for Umbro astros, boots and kit

V is for Vardy. Enough said.


W is for winners because our catchphrase is ‘for beginners to winners’

X is for x marks the spot – we are located at 6 King Street, next to Melton Toys and the Regal Cinema

Y is for Yonex, number one for badminton

Z is for Zzzzzz as sleep is an important part of any exercise regime

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